Yueqing the "Olympic Games in the side of civilization with me," a series of activities
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Held during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Wenzhou Yueqing City in Zhejiang Province will seize this rare historical opportunity, from August 8 until the end of this year the opening of the Olympic Games, the city carried out within the framework "in the Olympic side, with my line of civilization" series of activities , The rise of a new upsurge in the building of spiritual civilization, improve the people's cultural quality and the city's level of civilization, for the success of the Olympic Games create a civilized and harmonious social environment.
First, the "Olympic Games in the side, bright and clean with me," activities and building a beautiful urban and rural environment. Strengthening the day-to-day management of urban construction, the focus on public places, Beijiexiaoxiang, suburbs with the Ministry of Zangluan issues and further improve the amenities the old city. Implement the responsibility system for health, the mobilization of cadres and the masses to actively support participation in environmental comprehensive treatment. Play, the role of the village, and other basic units, launched from the general public starts with me, starting from the front of its own, all hands maintain and beautify the urban environment. Corridor to clean up, clean up the family balcony, remove all types of small campaign. The "clean village", intensify the building of the rural environment management, and strive to create clean, beautiful environment, civilized and progressive image of the new rural. Do a good job in "adoption" image of the wall, double-urban routes, such as wild geese and lots of 10 wall into a cultural image of the wall by the authorities, enterprises and institutions "adoption", drawn to reflect the characteristics of Yueqing humanities "murals" logo, Pictorial content is divided into scenic spots, cultural heritage, places allusions, such as four series of public service ads, to make it a civilized city's new landscape.

     The second is the "Olympic Games in the side, and civilized traffic with my words." Activities, create a good public order. Create a social atmosphere of civilized travel, the wide publicity of knowledge of traffic rules, four Shouting loudly the slogan: stop the red light, green light; civilization traffic, according to regulations berth; cross walk Renxinghengdao; queuing in an orderly manner by car. Through public service ads, car radio, car advertising and publicity civilized travel. Increase the intensity of the comprehensive rectification traffic order, traffic management at the same time, a series of effective measures to create long-term mechanism, so that the majority of the people develop a habit of civilized travel. Kanbo civilization travel public service ads, strengthen positive guidance. Additional "civilized travel," the signs public service ads, issued "civilized travel" propaganda wall charts, the "civilized travel, traffic law," original works collection activities. In enterprises and institutions, communities and schools, the "day when the traffic Xieguan Yuan" voluntary service activities, and police jointly maintain traffic order, the uncivilized behavior of persuasion and stopped.

     The third is the "Olympic Games in the side, I line with moral decency" and nurture civilized and harmonious social practice. Deepening of the "Healthy Living Jin Wanjia" action, do a good job in the community, "neighbor's Day" campaign activities. Sports Association into a community-focused activities, the people concerned to seize the city's Olympic Games, the favorable opportunity of a positive fitness, set off national fitness craze, and conduct various kinds of community, unit fitness activities to enhance people throughout the city and the health of the Olympic idea. Within the community education and advocacy practice civilized etiquette activities. Organization volunteers dress in public places, words and deeds, and other uncivilized behavior of persuasion. Broadcast-related public service ads, strengthen the supervision of uncivilized behavior. In restaurants, malls, parks, cultural venues, community leisure Square, site of civilization, such as posting warnings and posters. To promote "civilized etiquette norms of civil servants" in the new relocation of the municipal building, civil service organizations, such as etiquette charisma displayed a series of activities. Carry out the "popular and colorful rural civilization" activities and rural wind appraisal activities to the public the quality of college lecturers in the activities as an important and powerful tool, with "kind of cultural" activities to attract the largest participation of the farmers, and create a rural health And progressive social practice. Carry out publicity and education activities of local culture, poetry, held at the concert, issued "Yueqing historical and cultural celebrities" series of posters, organized experts to prepare for different age groups of minors who have read Yueqing local culture and characteristics of Reading. The "top ten love story," collection activities, fully demonstrated the broad masses of cadres that city Rong-ming shame, and consciously practice the socialist concept of honor or disgrace the spirit of, and establish advanced models, guide and encourage the broad masses of cadres pay attention to moral integrity, actively joined the Cause of love.

Fourth, the "Olympic Games in the side, I am satisfied with the service line with" activities to provide quality and efficient social services. Special organs and units in the city is civilized units to strengthen sense of service, formulate and improve etiquette norms of civilization and guide practitioners to use civilized language, to comply with decency standards. In the window units to "strive to civilization envoy" to strengthen the building of professional ethics, universal civilization etiquette knowledge, improve the quality of employees so that the window units to become the staff love Yueqing, publicity Yueqing, the development of Yueqing, showing an important force in Yueqing. At the same time deepening of community service, Yueqing City, 8890 public service centre upgrade the elderly "push to talk" emergency call system, launched the second generation of life services "push to talk" service. The establishment of 8,890 volunteers as a caring, "8890" obligations supervisors, "8890" service platform of the service attitude and service quality monitoring and evaluation, and constantly promote the standard of services; production of "sunshine Chief township Connection" information service platform; organizations The "8890 services into the community" convenience activities. (Yueqing City Wenming Ban)

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