Wen Zhu Qinan's membership: the gunmen not too cold
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2004 Athens range of Marco Polo Award on stage, accompanied national anthem, less than 20-year-old Zhu Qinan Mifengzhaoyan Liezhaozuixiao, towering hairthe branch from an olive branch in the Central Leng out, and many cried the Olympic title Entirely different picture. Four years later, in Beijing's Olympic shooting range presentation on stage, he bend over, bow, put up a silver medal in the neck, and then stand up straight, is tears.
"I too want to win, four years ago when I won the gold medal at the Athens Olympics, I told myself, I would like to in their own motherland reelection as the champion." Zhu Qinan Di Zhuotou, red eyes have been crying, "2004 I have to struggle too, I paid all. "When asked what he so desperately," the great motherland. "He choked Road, spewing tears again. Wang Qing court the audience for applause when the eyes of the hero, the silver chest pegged deep Ju Yi Gong Zhu Qinan, tears wins third orbital, exports from the stadium have up to 10 metres away, he suddenly left arm index finger to hold high the day, the scene The boiling.

Four years ago, the well-being come too fast. Zhu Qinan 13-year-old only started to practice shooting, 19-year-old to enter the national team, received eight months after the Olympic gold medal. In the Olympic Games and won a world record at the same time, firing several generations of Chinese players failed to do, Chuchumaolu this young man has been completed.

The thin 24-year-old man in the powerful often Wei Teng, the Olympic Games in Beijing five months ago, he also fixed the appendectomy surgery, after which the manual has been poor. In order to achieve the 19-year-old Xu of Beijing desire to win, he almost gave up all the rest. After the match, coach Zhu Qinan of often-cry fell on the quiet before my colleagues, that his Aitu four years, "Suantiankula almost Changbian."

"This is also not satisfied with the results of his own, also feel that I am sorry state of the culture." Zhu Qinan Zhu's father is far from the "China Newsweek" said. Zhu Qinan done four years of preparation, and in this period of the Games, World Cup, the City Games title on many occasions, and a record that he believed that their own strength. The runner-up of his achievements than four years ago won the achievements less for three Central, and the champion of India's Bindra, also in Athens than that of Zhu Qinan less Central 2.2. "He is not crying because we can not accept the runner-up, but its high requirements, on its own could not do our best and regret, remorse." Chang Jing-chun said.

"As a family, we will not let him feel any pressure." Zhu Yuan has said that as long as his son not to call home, the family will not dare take the initiative to call the past. Zhu Qinan the day before the game, Zhu Yuan has to Beijing, Mogan told his son. The next day to see her son receive tears, only to the coach called, to meet demand.

No Pass, Zhu far not to have his son's residence, at noon on the 12th, firing in the entrance of the museum ticket, Chu Yuan has finally seen his son. "Dad is very happy, Zhejiang folks also say that you do it well, you a long way to go." Zhu Qinan turn comfort her father, "Daddy, I know, I now is to re-start . "

13, Zhu much the same across the ticket gate met with a son, 15, will hastily leave Beijing. Olympic has not yet ended, the son can not be left, since after the game can only stay in team discipline, team-mate and chat, look at the TV. Take the time, Zhu Qinan can not be left to send his father, Chu Yuan-you do not care, only repeated the phone Niandao: "Chi Pang, Taishou, also lost his father than you."

August 18, Leisa stadium has been the rest of the week Zhu Qinan Zhu Yuan-you told the "China Newsweek", the son of the phone, he said, "I would also like to four years, the next re-start!" "His own Said the re-start, restart, start again. "Zhu father successive repeat three times, the candidate pleased.

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