Game operators of hotel information-integration
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Hotel information of the first
Competition in the domestic hotel industry has also led to upgrade the domestic sector operators to customers increased competition. China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom, such as the three telecom operators is expected to realize the whole business. The vigorous development of the domestic hotel industry, competition has become the focus of the Group.

China Telecom launched the "commercial pilot - Hotel perfect Union" to achieve a number of hotels, information provided by a new direction. China Telecom was joined by the hotel include voice, broadband access, Internet applications and value-added services, network television, online games, numbers, etc. Knowing All Business services, a package of services programme, making the hotel visitors can enjoy the convenience and benefits of domestic Long-distance telephone service, room broadband Internet access, entertainment on demand services, tourism and cultural information, such as integrated information services, to meet maximum passenger in the hotel business, entertainment, leisure and living needs, such as personalized to help hotels improve service quality and create characteristics Services.

In early August, opening the 25th anniversary of the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou and announced the use of mobile phones create information-based hotel. According to reports, the number of White Swan Hotel, the staff can phone at any time in the CPI for all customers of all kinds of information in order to provide personalized service. Mobile POS machines and advanced business affairs attendance system is also being introduced. In addition, hotels in internal management, mobile application of information technology will enable the White Swan internal communication becomes more smooth, truly paperless office.

The new interchange design Netcom launched the "2008 Olympic hotel broadband" solution for the hotel structure of a unified broadband business platform, visitors can provide telephone, high-speed Internet access, games, video-on-demand information services and content projects such as integrated communications services .

The edge of their respective areas

The end of July, China Telecom officially open the first CDMA network investment plans - China Telecom next three years on the CDMA network will invest over 80 billion yuan. China Telecom chairman Wang Xiaochu said that in the next 2-3 years, China Telecom plans to push CDMA subscribers to 100 million, the market share of 15 percent, value-added services accounted to 35 percent. In order to serve enterprise restructuring, China Telecom implemented a customer focused information technology innovation strategy. Information transformation strategic areas including on the basis of the information infrastructure of the area. New entrants into the core areas of IP communications, IT technology, information content and applications, such as "3 I" Blending new areas of information technology. In addition, China Telecom is also developing new areas of information technology, access to existing customers of new information needs of the discovery, satisfaction and value of reconstruction, concern about customers, customer-oriented organization operating and the allocation of resources.

The letter of the data shows that the current mobile phone users reached 601 million, of which China Mobile in June added 7.6 million subscribers, the number of mobile phone users reached 414.6 million. China Mobile has its own advantages in the areas of information-based mobile eye-catching performance. China's sustained economic growth and accelerating the advancement of information technology for mobile information technology to provide more extensive application and development space. China Mobile is committed to information-based mobile applications, mobile information technology industry cooperation will also take a new step forward, the mobile information society and all walks of life will speed up the popularity and penetration.

Operators to find new business growth point, will have competition in services and extend the tentacles of the industry and market information applications market, particularly the vast logistics market, the unlimited potential "emerging" industries, became the eyes of the new operators " Gold. " China Unicom for China's logistics industry has launched a professional services brand, for the Chinese logistics enterprises to provide voice, business process management, data transmission, mobile positioning, mobile office, and other integrated telecommunications services.

National Cheng Kung University-shift integration trend

Fixed and mobile networks is not a simple integration. China Telecom, director of corporate strategy ZHENG Qi Bao said that the integration of products is not fixed telephone and mobile phone simple bundled sales. After 2004 the information of the continuing restructuring of China Telecom's information service has very rich experience. "My e", "Business Innovators" and "Knowing All numbers" three information technology products strong growth momentum. Access to mobile services after the introduction of information technology products will be more Kit.

Mobile operators fixed and mobile networks to accelerate the integration of the intention of improving the user viscous. Recently, China Mobile Beijing branch of the site, Global Brand of family planning began increasingly active. Based on the user's attention to the family, just get the whole business license soon, operators have been eager to home users want to take action on the market. In Fujian, China Mobile has opened applications for users of any brand family of VPN "My family line" ihome plan, the monthly card to pay three yuan for a family member can join, VPN, 300 minutes free of charge, a total of nine members to join . Fuzhou has opened the mobile phone users can be stored 1,300 yuan for the use of the kits, 2 M Railcom broadband business, fixed and mobile networks to speed up integration.

Although the entire competition in the business needed a few months, but already on the market amid the smoke of gunpowder, China Mobile speed up the beach so that the new China Telecom and China Unicom should give full play integration advantages of solid shift to the final formation of three counter-trend.

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